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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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melissa rivers and buzz jason: it' s 4:30 right now on sunrise. gunfire erupts as sanford police officers rush find themselves in the middle of a bloody pit bull attack. the uncertain future for one of the people mauled, and the only dog still alive. and, a cockfighting ring exposed in orange county. only wesh 2 was there as the suspect left jail late last night. plus, the e-mail scandal, just got more complicated for hillary clinton. a new bombshell and your frigid forecast, as wesh 2 news sunrise gets going. announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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jason: we are talking about freezing temperatures this morning. will be get there for central florida? let' s get to eric burris. we are looking live in downtown orlando. eric: we are in the 40' s in downtown orlando, just outside, we find readings in the 30' s. for 7:00 a.m., 38 degrees in the metro area. very chilly, i' m expecting the coldest morning yet this year. look at how the temperature rebounds. we will cross over into the 60 degree mark this morning -- today. 42 degrees in sanford. 28 degrees in ocala . we at hit freezing in the villages and we are 39 chilly degrees in daytona beach. the chillier temperatures, that is where we are finding the wind chill factor.
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-- 37 in melbourne. here is a look at high temperatures, fairly uniform. middle 60' s from wildwood. 66 in ocoee. as we look over to the coastline, we find 65 degrees at the cape, 66 in melbourne. much more on your forecast and when warm weather returns in a few minutes. ted: a nice-looking drive on i-4 downtown orlando. the right side is eastbound, i-4 ultimate blocking from before a weight to colonial drive. eastbound in the right, 50 five miles per hour by orange blossom trail going through downtown. we do have is left lane blocks -- left lanes blocked. jason: firefighters are on the scene of an early-morning blaze that killed one person.
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formby drive, just off gatlin avenue since 2:00 a.m, wesh 2' s alex villarreal just got there. as soon as we get more information on this deadly blaze, we will pass it on to you. now to a story you saw first on wesh 2. today, we could find out the name of the woman fighting for her life after a group of pit bulls went on the attack. sanford police opened fire on the dogs and killed four of them. as wesh 2' s adrian whitsett explains, police aren' t sure why the dogs turned. >> scared, unsure of what' s next , this pitbull gets loaded into an animal services van. its fate hanging in the balance unlike four others shot and killed after a vicious attack in sanford. >> i observed five pitbull dogs on top of a e-mail mauling her. >> police do not -- top of a
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police do not know why the dogs attacked. wesh 2 was first on the scene on the ground and the first to show you live coverage from chopper 2. the first responding officer witnessed a bloodbath. >> he attempted to get the dogs off, had to discharge his weapon. four of the dogs were killed. >> two other adults went to the hospital for treatment so did one of two children injured. nearby residents came home to commotion. >> i didn' t even know there were any pitbulls. i don' happened. i am so amazed by that. i feel so bad for her. >> stonebrook' s pet policy has a two dog limit . it' s unclear why so many dogs were in in the apartment, or who owns them. one man with an obvious injury to his right forearm told me he doesn'
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t tell me if he stepped in trying to save the woman. neighbors are just glad someone did. jason: that was adrian whitsett reporting. all of the victims were initially taken to the hospital. the woman was seriously hurt and moved to ormc. a stolen car chase across daytona beach that nearly took out the chief of police. officers say three people including a teenager, stole an suv yesterday. the driver ran over something that flattened the tires. chief mike chitwood was among the cruisers behind the suv as the suspects tried to get away. they continued on flats to mason and berkshire. here is what the chief said happened. >> he turns writing to me and i say, this isn' t going to happen. i turn into him. oh, i am spinning out. say the suv hit
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driver off the road. the suspects bailed and police quickly caught and arrested them. we are getting a look at the suspect to randomly attacked a 71-year-old woman walking her dog. police just released this sketch. the victim says her attacker had a scar on the left side of his face rid she describes him as a young, dark skinned man with short, curly hair. the victim told police he hit her in the head and ran away. the woman had a gash and some bruising, and is now ok. a man charged in a violent attack on two children will answer to a volusia county judge. donny paytas turned himself in to jail yesterday. his girlfriend says he got drunk during a camping trip when he punched one child into a launcher at another. she says she tried to leave and he pointed a gun at her. he is charged with child abuse and aggravated assault. only wesh 2 was there as a man charged with running a
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deputies say they stumbled on more than 50 birds in his backyard. chris hush takes us inside that home. >> william diaz? a woman living at an address associated with 63-year-old william diaz claimed she knows who she is -- he is, but knew nothing about a major cockfighting ring. picture after picture obtained by wesh 2 from the orange county sheriff' s office, shows the operation located down a small road off colonial dr., near the 417. it' s complete with bird cages, a fighting ring, and equipment used in cock fights. the sheriff' s office says it seized 54 birds, including roosters from the home. investigators seized needles and syringes allegedly used to inject the birds with vitamins and antibiotics. they found fighting equipment. investigators tell us deputies went to serve a warrant for the
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earlier this month and found cockfighting materials. they obtained a new warrant and arrested diaz on tuesday. along with three counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. numerous attempts to contact diaz' s family members were unsuccessful. wesh 2 found out that he is not -- no stranger to cockfighting. he was arrested in 2010 on 49 felony counts of again, fighting and baiting animals. jason: investigators say they believe ds has been breeding, trading and transporting roosters for the purpose of animal fighting. breaking news to tell you out of pakistan where at least 19 people are dead and 60 others were hurt in an attack on a university. the situation is still unfolding about 20 miles away from peshawar.
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them. the university has been putting extra security in place. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. we will follow new developments for you throughout the morning. commitment 2016, then carson' s campaign is temporarily suspended following the death of a volunteer. three other campaign workers were hurt when a car flipped on an ici will road yesterday morning. carson was in south carolina at the time. he is on his way to omaha, where the volunteer died at the hospital. the investigator in charge of searching through hillary clinton' s personal e-mail servers says he has found some information classified above top secret. the inspector general says clinton received e-mails about special access programs while serving as secretary of state. clinton' s campaign and the state department say that information was classified after she received it. the justice department has it is -- its own investigation into the e-mails. bernie sanders is increasing his
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hampshire. the vermont senator is leading the former secretary of state 60% to 33%. that is according to a cnn /w and you are poll -- wmur poll. happening in just a few hours the first section of the all-new wekiva parkway opens to drivers. it runs along state road 429, beginning at county road 535 in orange county and ending at state road 46 in lake county near camp challenge road. orange county detectives are trying to solve their first murder of the year. the clues they hope will lead to a killer. an arrest five years after the trail went cold on a rate and home invasion in volusia county. the evidence that cracked the case. let'
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jason: we want to update you on a story we brought to you as breaking news. we learned one man died in an early morning fire. this is on foreign be drive just off of gatlin avenue. take a look at the response at the scene. this began a workshop outside the home. the man was found dead after firefighters got into the house. there is no indication of what
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it is very active on that scene. we will get a live update at 5:00 on sunrise. let' s turn to our very cold forecast. eric: we are starting off with temperatures in the 20' s, 30' s, and 40' s. 38 for our low temperature in orlando. we will build to 61 degrees for lunchtime. 66 will be our high. orlando did not make it out of the 50' s yesterday. that was basically the case across many locations. 28 degrees in dunnellon. 31 in the villages, 33 in umatilla and as soon as you work your way southbound, 39 in tavares. into the orange, osceola, seminole corridor. as soon as you get to the metro, it is 38 in orlando. 38 winter park and 39 degrees palm growth.
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hovering close to freezing. upper 30' s, lower 40' s across our coastal communities. we are watching a few clouds in our southern area. all in all, a north northeasterly wind that is chilling us out this morning. beautiful sunshine expected. lunchtime temperatures 61 degrees. we are headed to a bright sun and 66 this afternoon. i have your seven-day forecast with storms out there. no storms on the roadways. ted: that does not guarantee quiet. we are looking at the 408 here. we are facing east, west bottom the left side. things are looking good on the 408. i-4 at seminole, also looking good. westbound on the right side. it will cost you about 15 minutes from the seminole rest area to colonial drive.
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five years after a woman was raped during a home invasion in volusia county, deputies say they have made an arrest. wesh 2 spoke with the relieved neighbors. >> i' m glad to hear it. >> it is a really five years in the making for carmen naranjo. that' s how long she' s been waiting for an arrest to be made in her former neighbor' s armed home invasion rape case. volusia county sheriff' s deputies say at least three men broke into naranjo' s neighbors home while she was sleeping. the victim told detectives one man put his knee on her chest and threatened her with a knife while another man tied her hands behind her back before punching her in the face and raping her while the others stole a tv and cash. >> everybody was nervous and scared. >> we were always leery.
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>> the attack happened in march of 2010. on tuesday, finally an arrest. >> one of our fingerprint -- finger prints found a match to mr. ross. subsequent to that, we match in dna. >> the 23-year-old is charged with sexual battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. it took five years to make the arrest, is better late than never. >> they really work at it. we thought it was just over and done with. it is good to know that it wasn' t. >> ross is believed to be one of at least three men involved. anyone with information on the possible identities of the other men involved, you are asked to call the volusia county
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jason: covering orange county, observant neighbors could help catch a killer. the man was shot to death yesterday morning on 19-th street. neighbors saw an older man, wearing a skull cap and dressed in black, driving away in a white, four-door buick that looked new. if you have any information, call crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. extra work for the magic as the team continues its downward slide. hear from scott skiles on why it is not about winning or losing anymore.
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>> the orlando magic were in a good place, six place of -- six games above 500. after monday' s loss to the hawks, they are 20-20. if we are talking about eyesight, this would be great. the 98-81 loss to orlando -- to atlanta. magic practice running more than an hour longer than specter yesterday. turning things around in short order is nothing if not vital. >> we felt like the second half with toronto, we took a step forward. we want season carryover in our -- atlanta but did not get it. we have to understand it is not
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supposed to be playing. the trip to atlanta. yesterday. the sixers. he is still nursing a sore knee. from the floor. they had mississippi state. if you' re a fan of nascar' s cup chase format, happy news for you. the chase is on its way into each of those theater disciplines. the cup series uses a 10 race chase. beginning this year, the next minute he cars and trucks will implement a seven race chase. champions from all three levels will be crowned in homestead come november.
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stories for our 5:00 hour of sunrise. michelle: new warnings for pregnant women and now, a new health bulletin about the mosquito-borne zika virus. three people have been diagnosed in florida. how close they live to our area. then, a hollywood drama plays out with a hollywood hero. how jamie foxx saved a man whose car careened off a highway. and we have so many hotels in central florida, but trip advisor says the best one is not here. we' ll tell you which ones took the top spots. jason: we will see you in just a few minutes. let' s get back to eric burris. he is in for amy who is likely enjoying some warmth and staying under the covers. eric: this morning, we have freeze warnings in place. she picked a good day to not be in the office. marian, flagler, west volusia, lake and sumter county. they have a freezer visor.
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temperatures could drop below freezing. i hope you protected the plants last night. the very least, if you have an outdoor cat or dog, make sure they are taking care of. -- taking care of. -- taken care of. we are checking in at 39 outside of christmas. 38 in winter park, 40 degrees in williamsburg. along the coastline, notice how much milder we are. the gloomy look at the temperatures this morning compared to our coldest morning of the year, -- when we look at the temperatures this morning compared to our coldest of the year. frost all across our northern communities. from the i-4 corridor northbound with the exception of some of our lower lying areas around the st. johns river across the
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system will try to gather around texas. it will bring us rain as we look ahead to friday. a few high clouds from orlando southbound. a beautiful day once we get those temperatures climbing. 64 degrees in dunnellon. i am calling for 66 degrees in poinciana. 66 degrees in orlando. 64 orange city. 64 -- 65 degrees in minsk. a few clouds offshore, that will not be -- still looking great through dinnertime. through tomorrow, that high-pressure stays in control. when you look ahead to friday, brings the moisture and showers. possible.
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of course by saturday, because it is january, we have that frigid air moving back into central florida. here is a look at that seven-day forecast. showers and storms returning friday and saturday into sunday, man oh man, gorgeous weather returning. ted: looking at the 408 here, a shot that shows westbound in the main spot. this is at the conway toll plaza. a bit early for any delays. overnight roadwork is looking pretty good, clear on the 408. westbound from the conway toll plaza into downtown orlando will cost you four minutes if you left now. out of seminole county into orange, only 15 minutes. i-4 ultimate wrapped up there. jason: next at 5:00, we are following breaking news out of pakistan.
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obama' s executive action moving forward today. we had out now to alex villareal. >> a man is dead after a fire at an orange county home. i will so you everything we know about that. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. >> some bull -- some temperatures below freezing. i have everything you need to know out the door. michelle: we are live with the overnight developments. thank you for joining us on this chilly, downright cold wednesday morning. i am michelle imperato. jason: i am jason guy. here is a view of lake eola. gorgeous in orlando, but you' ll need hats, gloves, coats.
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full forecast.
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